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Chapter 1

She was a baby, observing what was going around her,

absorbing while they though she wasnt, and each day something darker was growing inside of her.

He was screaming, breaking things, pushing her around, crying and losing his mind.
while she was just staring at him with that cold empty look of hers not saying a word and not moving at all.

Why are you leaving me?
what have i done wrong this time, god Francesca nothing is ever good enough for you.
I cant stand it anymore, this is not working, why are you like this !

That was every other weeks fight with him, nothing ever changed.

He never understood was was wrong with her, he never tried to anyways.

that night she left the house and decided to write, write her pain away, write to awaken the ladies out theri, the parents the men everyone so no one can ever ask her why again!

im leaving now 'she said'
I need to be alone, dont be afraid i wont leave you.
i just need to do it my self this time.

Do what? 'he asked'
I am not f…

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