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Chapter 3

15 years ago, a devil from hell was sent to this world to screw up my life in the wost possible way.

a devil who stole my incense and my purity to turn me into a full of darkness little girl.

What do you mean?
is it what i am think about.
He said.

oh yes it is !

i was too young to understand what happened, yet i was too scared to talk about it, so i just pretended that things were fine and moved on (or thought that i did)

year after year the impact of that action started to show more on my behaviour.

i was aggressive, cant be touched by even my family, i created an abusive world of my own in my head where i was the one being abused.
i used to draw sick paintings where someone was torturing me, and being a girl with no family no one noticed, but my school did.

they fixed it by firing me from school on the 6th grad.

but i was moving to another city so no one knew, or maybe no one cared to know.

it was all fine after that, my sick thought were only to my self, i looked normal to people a…

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