Chapter 2

Hey ASH,
are you okay?


Please continue.

I was making a mistake by being with someone who abuses me, someone who is a poison for me.
And he crossed my path in the most unexpected way.

Nothing was planned, it was simply a time well spent with a friend who makes me smile.
someone I never met in person but felt like part of my life for as long as I can remember.

then the night long phone calls were not enough anymore, so we met!
and by we met I mean we fell.
Fell so hard that it was the end for science, the end of thoughts and the beginning of the most chaotic time of our lives. 

Taking a deep breath she said.
I am not ready to say more about this specific topic at the moment.

Its okay, you can start from the beginning, from where it all started before there were him and you.

Lighting up a cigarette she said.

Yes, I will go back to when it all started.

15 years ago....

To be continued.



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